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About us

With more than 40 years of experience, Sarnia Piping Specialties Ltd. (SPS) is one of North America's leading industrial solutions businesses.

SPS offers piping & valves, instrumentation and safety products to a wide range of industries, including Petrochemical, Refinery, Pulp and Paper, Food and Drug, Power, Mining, Water Treatment, Automotive and Manufacturing.

Our products are just the beginning. We add value to everything we sell through four key services: Engineering, System Integration, Project Management and Maintenance.

Value Add Services

System Integration
This brings a series of integral systems and networks
together, adding value to all components by sharing resources and simplifying processes.

Maintenance & Service
Our service professionals are experts in instrument repair, liquid transfer systems, instrument calibration, preventative maintenance programs, tank level equipment, and more.

Project Management
We will help you plan, organize and implement a variety of industrial projects, exceeding your timeline, budget, and quality objectives.

Engineering Solutions
Our team of experienced and professional engineers offers
innovative and cost-effective solutions.