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neptune e4000 electric.PNG
Neptune E4000 Electronic Register

The Neptune E4000 electronic register automates transaction operations for deliveries of LPG, distillate fuels, and other commercially distributed liquids through flow meters on bulk delivery trucks.

neptune 800 series.PNG
Neptune 800 Series Mechanical Register

The 800 series register is the latest of four multi-function devices specifically designed for petroleum distribution and industrial process industries.

neptune 600 series.PNG
model 157.PNG
Neptune 600 Series Mechanical Register

The 600 series Register is mechanically driven designed for easy adaptation to a local or remote batching and recording system

Model 157 Register

The Model 157 Register is a non-resettable totalizer that provides an increasing cumulative reading.

neptune pulsmate electronic register.PNG
neptune e1000 electronic.PNG
Neptune Pulsmate Electronic Register

The Neptune Pulsmate Electronic Register enhances the flow management capabilities of Type MP and magnetic drive Type S flowmeters.

Neptune E1000 Electric Register for Dispensers

Simple, reliable electronic registration for dispenser meters

PD6830 Pulse Input Rate.PNG
PD6830 Pulse Input Rate/ Totalizer

The new PD6830 Explosion-Proof Rate/Totalizer brings modern design, easy readability, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world in a way never seen before

PL100 LPG Dsipenser Pump.PNG
PL 100 LPG Dispenser Pump

The PL100 has been specifically designed and manufactured to met the rigorous requirements for pumping volatile liquids such as LP gas.

digital pulse transmitters.PNG
Digital Pulse Transmitters

Digital transmitters produce signals that exist only in one of two states: ON or OFF. These states may also be referred to as HIGH or LOW, or 1 or 0 (zero).

neptune batchmate 1500.PNG
Neptune Batchmate 1500

The BATCHMATE may be thought of as two separate counters and a rate meter. The “batching” counter counts to “pre-warn” and “preset” set points entered by the user and enables separate control outputs. The “totalizing” counter gives a cumulative reading or grand total.

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