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Enviro-box (Spill Containment)

An Enviro-box or a Truck-out Box is a specialty spill catch basin that safely captures hazardous fluid leaks, drips and spills at fluid transfer hose connections and suction lines. Enviro-boxes protect both personnel and the environment.

SPS West fabricates secure Enviro-boxes that can be installed anywhere there is connecting or disconnecting of the truck in/out and suction lines. Specifically, where hazardous fluids can be found.

Such examples include, but are not limited to, Hydrochloric acid, nitrogen, caustic soda, sour water, condensate and corrosive hydrocarbons or anywhere a potential leak can occur at a truck-out connection. Our Enviro-boxes are made of heavy gauge carbon steel, or stainless steel.

isolation barrier.png
Isolation Barrier and Sneeze Guard

Freestanding frame and clear barrier made of aluminum framing and clear cleanable Marine Grade PVC. This barrier is easily built on site in less than 15 minutes. The barrier provides clear viewing and communication while isolating employees or patrons from sneezes, coughs, and exposure to COVID-19.

Ships in 6"x6"x72" box. Easy assembly with small mallet/hammer to assemble frame and clear divider is secure with the supplied zip ties.

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