PTFE Lined Composite Pipe & Fittings

Durcor is the world’s first advanced structural composite piping system designed exclusively to be lined with seamless PTFE. Durcor’s thick wall PTFE liner provides unmatched internal chemical resistance while its revolutionary vinyl ester/fibreglass housing provides outstanding exterior corrosion resistance, high impact resistance and excellent span and burst capabilities. It handles temperatures up to 300 deg. F and resistant against all acids and solvents, organic and inorganic chlorides and sulfates, bleach solutions, phenols and call caustics and peroxides. CRN on material 1” through 6”.

Composite Pipe & Fittings

Conley produces FRP/GRP/GRE systems in a variety of resins to handle fluids in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, power generation, marine piping, offshore platforms, oil refining, thermal oxidizer units, as well as slurry, fire, fuel, wastewater, desalination, sewer and condensate return lines.