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Cylinder grab sampling system.jpg
Cylinder Grab Sampling System

The Cylinder Grab Sampling Systems allow collection of samples from gas and light liquid hydrocarbon applications in a manner that is safe to both the operator and the environment. The sampling process ensures zero emissions, with no spills and zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, while keeping sample contamination levels to a minimum.

basic bottle sampling system.jpg
Basic Bottle Sampling System

The Basic Bottle Sampling System, is a closed loop liquid grab sample system that is ideal for processes with pressure less than 150 psig and process temperature less than 135ºF. The sample is dispensed into the sample bottle by merely turning a valve. Process pressure forces the sample through the valve into the bottle. With a Needle Purge (SNP), zero dead volume is ensured throughout the sample valve assembly by forcing out any vapor locked liquid.

Piston type RAM Sampling System.jpg
Piston RAM Sampling System

The RAM Sample System (RSS) is designed to attach directly to the side of a tank or pipeline without the need to utilize, or create, a pressure differential to take a sample. The RSS uses a Piston Type Ram Sample Valve which works very well in high viscosity or high particulate applications which are prone to plugging. As the valve is rotated the piston draws back and allows the liquid to flow through to the sample port. When the Piston Ram Valve is rotated to close, it pushes back any remaining product to ensure no cross contamination between samples and zero dead volume.

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