Customizable isolation valves for specific applications


ASME 150 – 4500 Class: Dependable Isolation


The C-Series valve is the best choice in large bore isolation applications. MOGAS engineers have successfully designed the C-Series valve line which isolates under the extreme conditions – high temperature up to 1652°F (900°C), high pressures up to 43,000 psig (2965 bar g), media build-up, cycling with solids in the line and erosive attack of materials and coatings. With more than 40 years of engineering expertise, each C-Series valve is designed specifically for the application.


Each ball and seat subassembly is mate-lapped by hand and put through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure its integrity. The C-Series valve is available in full or reduced bore, ½ inch to 42 inches and in a wide variety of end connections.


Power operated relief valves for boiler or superheater headers


ASME 1500 / 2500 / 4500 Class: Prevents Excessive Pressure Build-up


The MOGAS PORV, a pneumatic actuated pressure relieving valve, prevents excessive system pressure accumulation. The set pressure of the PORV is lower than that of the spring-loaded safety valve to prevent or reduce the number of lifts of the safety valve, thus extending their life. The PORV is available either non-stamped or with the “V” stamp. The “V” stamped PORV has been flow certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.


The PORV operates as a system. The MOGAS ball valve is normally closed. The pressure switch senses steam pressure and closes an electrical switch when the pressure exceeds a predetermined point. This, in turn, energizes the solenoid valve, which pressurizes the “to open” cylinder port of the pneumatic actuator, opening the ball valve. When the pressure switch senses that the steam pressure has returned to normal, the electrical switch within the pressure switch opens, de-energizing the solenoid valve, and closes the MOGAS ball valve.


Metal-seated severe service ball valves for full bore, cold reheat applications


ASME 600 / 900 / 1500 Limited Class: Designed to Meet TDP-1 2013


MOGAS Gen-X metal-seated severe service ball valves are engineered in accordance with ASME TDP-1 2013. The Gen-X valves are built and tested for the prevention of water damage to your steam turbines. The cold reheat drain, hot reheat drain, and main steam drain Gen-X valves meet and/or exceed TDP bore and reliability requirements.


Dual metal alloy upstream and downstream seats with chrome carbide up to HRC 69 hard coating prevent downstream sealing damage from flashing, especially in carbon steel cold reheat lines. MOGAS Gen-X valves are offered for both automated on/off and manual on/off valve applications throughout today’s power plant.

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