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Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators

Four standard actuator sizes are available upon request: Mini (designator “A1”), Small (designator “A2”) and 180° actuator (designator “A2T”), Medium (designator “A3”), and Large (designator “A4”). Improved operational speed enables better valve opening and closing control. ATEX certification of Valves-Actuators assemblies is available on request at the time of order quotation.

gb52sc level actuators.png
Pneumatic Lever Actuators

Conoflow’s Pneumatic Lever Actuators are rugged and powerful units used to automatically position dampers, louvers, variable pitch fans and to make various mechanical adjustments to process machinery. Low profile (only 18” high) requires less headroom. A sturdy ductile iron yoke with large mounting base provides rigid mounting. The steel lever arm has eight take-off positions for stroke flexibility.

gb50 pneumatic piston actuators.png
Pneumatic Piston Actuators

Conoflow’s Pneumatic Piston Actuators are compact units designed to function in today’s high performance instrument systems. Piston diameters of 3” to 12.5” are available with standard strokes up to 10” (for stroke lengths greater than 10”, consult the factory). Integral positioners are standard for modulating service.

gc31 gc34 positioners.png
Commandaire Positioner

Conoflow’s Commandaire Positioner is a top mounted, integral positioner used with piston or spring and diaphragm actuators. Utilizing a force balance principle this unit provides proportional positioning of an actuator with stroke lengths up to 10”. The completely enclosed design eliminates exposed levers or linkages making them rugged and reliable.

Snap-Acting Relays
gvb snap acting relays.png

Designed for pneumatic systems, Conoflow Series GVB Snap-Acting Relays change ports to switch or lock in secondary air source when the main supply pressure fails below a predetermined set point. In the event of supply or pilot pressure failure, the positive action relay with one common and two inlet or outlet ports will automatically:

  • Switch from main to auxiliary supply pressure

  • Lock an actuator in its last position

  • Extend or retract an actuator stem

  • Divert flow or pressure from one device to another


The Series GVB Snap-Acting Relays have an integral pilot which eliminates the extra piping and connections required with other lock-up valves. Compact and lightweight, the relays are easily piped and mounted.

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