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PTFE Lined Sampling Valves
  • Sample always representative: sampling from the main flow

  • No falsification of the sample through residual media: design cavity-free

  • High safety through PFA lining and bellows seal

  • Representative sampling

PTFE Sampling Ball Valves.PNG
PTFE Sampling Ball Valves

Sampling Ball Valves fully lined or in stainless steel with full port for safe and defined sampling with no process interruption. Sampling of corrosive media and process media with solids out of pipelines and vessels.

• Body lined or fully made of stainless steel

• Easy and safe operation, non-pressurized sampling
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• Defined sampling volume
• Extraction of smallest samples
• Full port design, easy cleaning (piggable)
• Sampling from vacuum systems
• Interruption of system pressure through pressure    lock
• Simple automation with time control
• Sampling unit for installation onto vessels

PTFE Inline Sampling Valves.PNG
PTFE Inline Sampling Valves

Fully lined Sampling Valves with full port for safe and representative sampling of clean, corrosive process media from pipelines or vessels – without any process interruptions.

• Bodies lined or fully made of stainless steel
• 100% cavity-free, representative sampling 
• Easy and absolutely safe operation
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• Fine dosing by means of spring return hand-wheel 
• Full port design, easy cleaning (piggable)
• Simple automation with time control 
• All-purpose valve unit – installation onto large    size pipelines, vessels etc.

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