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Steam Trap Test Valve deliver a simplified, compact, safe solution to instantly validate the integrity of steam traps. Valves are supplied with high temperature steam-rated reinforced PTFE seats and seals to deliver time-tested performance and long service life.

Steam Trap Test Valves

These 3000 PSI seal welded ball valves come standard with end connectors seal welded to the body and self locking lever handles. Their strengthened construction secures 3000 psi working pressure rating and feature an enlarged bottom-loaded blow-out proof stem.

3000 PSI Seal Welded Ball Valve, Stainless Steel 
2 Piece 2000 WOG Stainless Steel Full Ball Valve 

Full Port, Threaded Ends, ¼"-2": 2000 WOG, 2½"– 4":1500WOG

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Lead Free Bronze Valves

Lance Valves dependable line of lead free bronze ball valves are certified lead free and conform to CGA3.16 and ASME B16.33 standards for gas service.

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Three-Piece Ball Valves

The SVF Series R8 three-piece ball valves feature a high performance design for use in critical, process-quality applications. These valves exceed the pressure and temperature ratings of traditional, general purpose ball valves.

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Flanged Ball Valves

The SVF Series B41C flanged ball valves are high performance valves that are certified to API-607 fire safe design and API-608, featuring integral ISO 5211 Top Works for direct mounting of actuators and a selection of seats and seals for a wide range of industrial applications.

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