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Annularly Corrugated Stainless Steel Hoses

PARNOR® is a hydraulically formed, very flexible, corrugated metal hose. Excellent for use in extreme environments (-273°C to 600°C). Provides high security and extended life time even under extreme working conditions (frequent movements, vibrations, pressure or vacuum). Excellent vibration absorber and chemically resistant against a wide range of highly corrosive products.

• all kinds of transfer applications for liquids or gases
• vacuum technology 
• cryogenics (EN 12434) 
• petrochemical industry 


  • nuclear industry

  • instrumentation

  • air conditioning

Helically Corrugated Stainless Steel Hoses

BOA-SUPRA® Single-plied, helically corrugated hose, resistance welded at the crest, cold formed. Highly flexible
pressure pipe: increased operating stability due to double-ply construction at the crest 
(particularly at dynamic working conditions). 

• pressure pipe for most various applications
• wherever highest flexibility is demanded 
(e.g. big movements and/or thermal dilatations in the system) 
• gas hoses, safety gas hoses

Stainless Steel Annularly Corrugated Metal Hoses

The HP, THP and XHP are high performance flexible stainless steel hoses, annularly corrugated, for use in high pressure applications. The manufacturing process of the high pressure series, hydroformed, reinforced walls, with narrow corrugation, guarantees a product of high leak tightness (max. on demand 1x10-9 mb l/s). 
Additional, the Omega shaped corrugation profile ensures an exceptionally good compromise flexibility/ high pressure resistance. 

Application fields: 
Transport of liquid or gaseous media, which make high demands on pressure resistance, flexibility and durability in harsh environments: transfer of industrial gases, steam engines, turbines, plate presses.

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