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Safety Spray Shields

Safety Spray Shields are designed to prevent a catastrophe by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays. Leaks can occur on piping systems conveying chemicals, high temperature fluids, and steam, which can harm workers, nearby equipment, and the environment. Leaks of flammables, such as fuel or oil, can create fire and explosion hazards.

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Metal Spray Shields

Drake Specialties' comprehensive line of Safety Spray Shields are backed by our industry-leading design of Metal Spray Shields constructed of corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. Stainless Flange Spray Shields and Stainless Valve Spray Shields for all sizes and ratings of flanges,valves and all other types of piping connections, are readily available.

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Specialty Shields & Covers

Drake Specialties, the “go-to” company for “specialty”, hard-to-find, common-sense products, takes pride in protecting personnel, equipment, and the environment. Focusing on diverse applications of safety and protection, we lead the industry in providing problem solving solutions by designing and manufacturing specialty and customs for unusual sizes and applications.

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Flange Band Protectors

Flange Band Protectors are designed to protect flange internal areas including the flange faces, stud bolts, and gaskets, from environmental elements that can cause corrosion. Flange protectors by Drake Specialties are used in the oil and gas industry, refining, gas distribution systems, and any place where it is necessary and desirable to protect flanges and joints from salt spray, chemicals, sand, debris, and other rust causing external factors.

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Nut and Bolt Protectors

Nut and Bolt Protectors are plastic nut and bolt protector caps that snap tightly over stud ends and nuts to protect them from the environment and eliminate corrosion. Nut protectors are made of polyethylene plastic that is UV and chemical resistant. While nut caps may be used to eliminate excessive paint buildup on bolt threads, the leading benefit is defending the stud bolt threads and hex nuts from rust and corrosion, thus allowing easy unbolting. Nut Caps are economical, reusable, easily installed, and available in all sizes for heavy hex nuts ranging from 1/2" to 3".

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