PTFE Expansion Joints

Our PTFE Expansion Joints are highly flexible and provide compensation of vibrations and heat-induced expansion in your product line. The possible absorption of movement is increased by a higher number of convolutes.

  • PTFE-Expansion Joints, 2 Convolutes

  • PTFE-Expansion Joints, 3 Concolutes

  • PTFE-Expansion Joints, 5 Convolutes

  • PTFE Vacuum Expansion Joints

Flexijoint-PTFE Expansion Joints
  • LimitLink

The industry standard and regarded as the most reliable PTFE expansion joint for severe services. Flexijoint with LimitLinks allow free swivel as the flanges change position relative to each other during their adjustment to angular and parallel misalignment, purely axial motion or a combination of all three. LimitLink™ also permits installation where mating pipe is not two-holed.

  • LimitBolt

Provides resistance to rotational forces and limits lateral misalignments. Unlike competitors, the Flexijoint LimitBolt design does not require the removal of LimitBolts for installation.

  • FlexArmor

PTFE lined metal expansion joints provide double containment protection and higher pressure ratings.