Industires serviced

Petrochemical, Refinery, Pulp and Paper, Food and Drug, Power, Mining, Water Treatment, Automotive, and Manufacturing

industries served

SPS provides sales and services to many industries across North America:
- Petrochemical
- Oil & Gas
- Power & Steel
- Mining
- Food & Beverage
- Pulp & Paper
- Water & Wastewater Treatment

In each of these industries, we specialize in three product categories:

Piping & Valves
Plastic lined piping & valves are used for chemical, corrosive and ultra-pure fluid handling.

Instrumentation products include protection systems, sampling systems, measuring devices and flow measurement.

Safety products include safety showers and eyewash systems, spray shields, and chemical containment products. SPS can provide local, national and international industries with the best products and services from around the world.