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Transfer Line Sample Coolers 
Decreases the temperature of samples coming from a furnace or gas cracker before being sent into an analyzer system.

Winterized Self-Contained Eyewash Unit
Able to operate in temperatures as low as -20*C. This essential safety unit is suited for a wide range of industry segments, notably in distribution.

PLC Termination and Control Boxes
The strategic placement of this cabinet helps further communications between field devices and the facility’s control room.

Multi-level Side-tank Grab Sample System 
Making it easier to take samples from multi-levels of a storage tank, ensuring accurate material for analysis.

Audible and Visual Alarm Package 
When accidents happen, your facility’s control room requires instant awareness of the danger. This system has the capability to complete a number of essential steps for the safety of personnel.

AGS Oxygen Sampling Panel
Measures the oxygen content in steam condensate systems.